Northern Sky Research

NSR Market Research Services

NSR’s Market Research Services typically include the following areas:

Data Gathering & Market Forecasting

Market sizing; market segmentation; transponder supply/demand forecasting by region, application and band; deployed and shipped units; market shares; retail and wholesale revenues; and any other quantitative aspect of the satellite market

NSR’s forecasts and quantitative analyses typically utilize a scenario-based approach to navigate a wide range of future possibilities, in addition to a combination of bottom-up and top-down detailed models based on all drivers and restraints

Market Trends & Insights

Trend analysis regarding current and future market opportunities, market drivers, technical and business validation of specific markets and industry sectors, and 360 degree assessments across any aspect of the satellite industry


Quantitative benchmarking analysis tailored to specific companies and industry sectors, allowing for an in depth understanding of market size, potential and positioning both today and in the future