Northern Sky Research

Carolyn Belle

Senior Analyst, NSR USA

Carolyn Belle focuses on satellite manufacturing, launch, and in-space activity, and in particular the trends surrounding creation of diversified space architectures.¬†She participates in commercial, civil, and government projects, serving as NSR’s lead analyst for manufacturing and launch market dynamics. She built NSR’s practice in small satellites and emerging markets like satellite servicing, engaging with start-ups globally to create a robust research base on new applications and ways of leveraging space. Ms. Belle regularly contributes to diverse tailored consulting projects in these areas, lending expertise to feasibility studies, analysis of competitive dynamics, satellite procurement assessments, and addressable market sizing for both start-ups and industry leaders.

Ms. Belle has been with NSR since 2014, coming from the D.C.-based Research and Analysis team at the Space Foundation. Her research efforts focused on new and emerging space products and services, as well as an exploration of the policy considerations and efficacy of collaborative space endeavours such as the International Space Station.

Ms. Belle has previously engaged in astrobiology research at the NASA Ames Research Center. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Colorado College with a focus in Biology and Chemistry and completed the International Space University’s multidisciplinary program in Space Management. Ms. Belle has been active in leading STEM outreach initiatives such as Yuri's Night and Cool Science as well as efforts to strengthen women’s roles and recognition within the space industry.

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