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Archive: October 2011 (X)

  • After receiving a hit with very few contracts from the U.S. Government’s National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), Europe’s largest EO data provider, EADS Astrium, seems to have set sail east to Asia where demand for EO satellites and imagery is growing across the board.

    Driven by intensifying needs for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to keep an ‘eye’ on possible threats from terrorists of possible conflict areas, NSR expects that yearly data market revenues will grow…

  • In September 2011, O3b Networks announced a multi-year, multi-million dollar commitment with Ozônio Telecomunicações, a Brazilian multimedia communications and Internet service provider. The precise contract value was not disclosed, but it follows a series of O3b deals over the past two years including:

    June 2011 reseller agreement with Sky Fiber for broadband solutions and connectivity to Southeast Asia May 2011 deal with Mavoni Technologies, South Africa for connectivity to…