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Author: Blaine Curcio (X)

  • Asian Satellite Market Update

    May 17th, 2017 by Blaine Curcio   More from this Analyst | Profile

    This week saw the successful launch of the fourth Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite. This launch was noteworthy because the company, by virtue of successfully launching the first three, has already achieved global HTS coverage. The coverage of the fourth—planned to address areas of high demand—has been a topic of much speculation over the past year or more, with Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce

    noting last week that the satellite could potentially see its mission changed during its in-orbit…

  • The Cost of Growth

    May 04th, 2017 by Blaine Curcio   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Satellite operators have for some time enjoyed what the rest of the telecom industry might call “out of this world” EBITDA margins, and strong profit margins to boot. Operating in a niche market—for context, the combined revenues of the 10 largest telcos globally are around $850 billion, the total revenues for satellite telecom are estimated at ~$12 billion—has allowed satellite operators to live quite well, enjoying higher prices because their target market almost by definition uses…

  • The potential merger between Intelsat and OneWeb has rightly captured significant headlines in the satellite telecom world. Timing has played a role, with the talk of Satellite 2017 last week in DC centering around this deal, among other things, but conference notwithstanding, this is huge news. Since the announcement, we have seen a number of opinions and reactions by the industry at large, both positive and negative, which is to be expected given the number of “what ifs?” and the…