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The Bottom Line

Author: Brad Grady (X)

  • With attention in the Energy Industry typically focused on the Oil & Gas sector, it is sometimes easy to forget how satcom connectivity is shaping up in other sectors, such as Electrical Utilities.  Utilizing 6 out of every 10 in-service units within the Energy satcom sector, the Electrical Utility segment continues to show signs of growth.  While most of the market is focused on the Transmission & Distribution side of the Utility sector (enabling “smart grid” applications), there is a…

  • In a few weeks, the satellite industry will gather in Washington DC for the annual Satellite show.  Set in the backyard of one of the largest consumers of commercial satellite capacity in the world, the show will focus on the “What’s New and What’s Next” – a constantly changing conversation in the space industry.  However, the commercial industry has largely left Government & Military players behind. 

    Some of that is for good reason – Gov & Mil customers are hard to do business…

  • As GovSat-1 transitions into its operational orbital position, the Government & Military market is seeing renewed investments into next-generation government-owned MILSATCOM systems and customized commercial offerings for end-users as the market find itself in the middle of a period of renewed growth.

    On the Government-only capacity market, GovSat-1 is nearing the end of a chain of long-planned expansion of U.S. and European MILSATCOM systems in advance of next-gen systems.  NSR’s