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Author: Dallas Kasaboski (X)

  • Satellite-based Earth Observation (EO) is changing from an imagery-driven to insight-driven business. Until now, most satellite operators have been content with supplying imagery, while emerging downstream companies have begun unlocking the value behind the pixel, through Big Data analytics. However, satellite operators are beginning to shift focus.

    Last month, Planet completed “Mission 1”, to image the entire globe, daily, and has since focused on Big Data analytics. Urthecast’s…

  • Satellite imagery has traditionally been sold by the scene. Customers would look at certain criteria, and satellite operators would match their request with available archived or tasked images. Sales cycles were long, and the focus was on the quality and the resolution of the data. However, increasing supply, and pressure from downstream services are prompting the development of volume-based imagery platforms, serving customers on the cloud, through a subscription or revenue-sharing…

  • FPAs Place in the Blame Game

    Apr 20th, 2017 by Dallas Kasaboski   More from this Analyst | Profile

    About a year ago, NSR first wrote about flat panel antennas (FPAs), and their place among the seismic technological shifts occurring in the satcom ecosystem. The article discussed previous satellite industry failures due to expensive and inefficient terminals, and highlighted a troubling trend wherein satellite operators were simply pushing more bandwidth to market to compensate for what is seen as a roadblock to better end-user equipment performance.

    FPAs were touted as the HTS “White…