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  • Airlines to Take IFC Controls

    Jul 18th, 2018 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Despite the common notion that Wi-Fi is free, there remain ‘havens’ where it is still a fee-based service.  In-flight connectivity (IFC) is one such market, and recent news shows it will remain a paying service for many passengers as more airlines takes control over it.

    Directing connectivity and bandwidth services, with more freedom on setting prices to drive take-up rates (on top of selling perfume and cigarettes onboard) will allow airlines to leverage large IFC CAPEX investments in…

  • As digitalization continues to move across the O&G sector, new sources and production capacity continues to come online.  “Big Data” and real-time data are fundamentally transforming the how of Oil & Gas exploration & production – pushing more bi-directional transfer of information from well to HQ.  With all of this data information, VSAT Broadband connectivity will continue to mirror its terrestrially-connected counterparts.  Combined with lower latency options that are only going to…

  • Enabling a GEO-NGEO Hybrid System

    Jul 11th, 2018 by Shagun Sachdeva   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The Military segment has, historically, primarily been served by GEO satellites for execution of critical applications, including intelligence gathering, navigation and communication. GEO systems, by nature, offer the advantage of significant coverage via a single satellite, especially with the advent of GEO-HTS satellites. On the other hand, latency and significant CAPEX have always been limitations of the GEO architecture. These drawbacks have given rise to the emerging trend of LEO…