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Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition

Coming: May 2017

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With new business models from LEO to GEO, commercial to government, and communications to Earth Observation, the satellite industry is in a period of change. How will satellite manufacturing and launch demand evolve in the next decade? In its 7th edition, NSR’s industry leading assessment of the global satellite manufacturing and launch services market provides a unique and comprehensive view into short and long term trends in satellite applications, order rates, mass, and pricing; with an exclusive look at the competitive dynamics among integrators and launch service providers.

Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition addresses the key questions facing manufacturers and launch service providers:

  • How are commercial operators approaching CAPEX and satellite design decisions in an increasingly competitive market?
  • Will the satellite manufacturing and launch industry become increasingly global, for both customers and competitors?
  • What impact will smallsats have on demand from traditional communications and Earth Observation players?
  • Will government satellite spending continue to grow?
  • How will satellite mass trends evolve in the next decade?
  • Can reusable launch vehicles lead the market to elasticity of demand?

The Bottom Line

NSR’s Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition, provides the industry’s most comprehensive assessment of dynamics in satellite design, manufacturing, and launch – offering actionable intelligence for today’s decisions and tomorrow’s strategies.

NSR’s Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition incorporates critical analysis across all key market segments:

  • Five-Year Historic Data and Ten-Year Forecasts in All Verticals for:
    • Satellites to Launch
    • Mass Launched
    • Manufacturing Revenue, Open and Closed Markets
    • Launch Services Revenue, Open and Closed Markets
    • Qualitative Discussion Covering:
      • 2016 Market Update and Trends
      • Market Share by Manufacturer and Launch Service Provider
      • Operator CAPEX Optimization Strategies
      • Impact Assessment of Small Satellites

Data Segmentation

NSR’s Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 7th Edition, is presented through seven verticals comprising three applications (Communications, Earth Observation and Others), two orbits (GEO and Non-GEO) and two customer types (Commercial and Government & Military). Recent and upcoming activity in each vertical is assessed regionally through the number of satellites to be ordered and launched, satellite mass distribution, manufacturing market size, launch market size, and open/captive market balance.

Regions Covered:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Asia
  • Rest of World (Middle East & Africa and Latin America)

Who Should Purchase the Report:

  • Satellite Manufacturers and Integrators
  • Sub-system Manufacturers
  • Satellite Operators
  • Launch Service Providers
  • Launch Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Investors
  • Regulatory Agencies and Policy Makers

Executive Summary

1. State of the Market
1.1. State of the Market: Manufacturing & Satellite Orders
   1.1.1. Communications Markets
   1.1.2. Earth Observation Markets
   1.1.3. Others Market: Navigation, Science & Situational Awareness
1.2. State of the Market: Launch Services
   1.2.1. GEO Launch Services Market
   1.2.2. Non-GEO Launch Services Market
1.3. A Balancing Act: CAPEX & Capabilities
1.4. Small Satellites: Impact Assessment

2. Competitive Landscape
2.1. Global Market
2.2. Manufacturing Competitive Landscape
   2.2.1. Manufacturing Market Share
   2.2.2. 2016 Manufacturer Updates
2.3. Launch Services Competitive Landscape
   2.3.1. Launch Service Provider Market Share
   2.3.2. The Launch Environment: 2016 & 2026
   2.3.3. Reusability
   2.3.4. 2016 Launch Service Provider Updates

3. Forecasts
3.1. Global Forecasts
   3.1.1. Global Manufacturing Forecast
   3.1.2. Global Launch Forecast
   3.1.3. Global Forecast by Market Segment
   3.1.4. Global Forecast by Orbit
   3.1.5. Global Forecast by Customer Type
   3.1.6. Comparison to Previous Editions
3.2. Satellite Manufacturing Forecasts
   3.2.1. Commercial GEO Communications
   3.2.2. Commercial Non-GEO Communications, including LEO HTS Status Check
   3.2.3. Government & Military Communications
   3.2.4. GEO Earth Observation
   3.2.5. Government Military Non-GEO Earth Observation
   3.2.6. Commercial Non-GEO Earth Observation
   3.2.7. Others: Navigation, Science & Situational Awareness
3.3. Satellite Launch Services Forecasts
   3.3.1. GEO Launch Market; Open & Captive
   3.3.2. GEO Launch Market Size
   3.3.3. GEO Launch Costs
   3.3.4. Non-GEO Launch Market; Open & Captive
   3.3.5. Non-GEO Launch Market Size
   3.3.6. Non-GEO Launch Costs
   3.3.7. Comparison to Previous Editions

Appendix: Methodology & Definitions